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We are in search of a natural born leader who is motivated by people, fueled by boba, and strives to go above and beyond what is expected of them. Our Store Manager oversees a team of skilled Bobaristas and Shift Leads, drives a culture of growth, cultivates a safe space, and constantly strives to push our brand forward.

As a pivotal leader, your role stretches beyond mere operations. It's about curating an unforgettable guest experience that cultivates a safe space and inspires your Team to do the same. Your strategic prowess won't just meet financial and operational goals – it'll far exceed them, propelling our store towards a lasting impact on those we come across.


  • Driven for Excellence: Fuel your ambition to excel, embracing each challenge as a stepping stone towards success. 

  •  Master of Order: Thrive in precision and organization


  •  Sales Dynamo: Revel in the art of boosting sales, transforming every transaction into a memorable experience for our customers.


  • Team Champion: Extend your care beyond the role, fostering a tight-knit team that embodies MILK+T's values.


  • Empathetic Leader: Guide with a heart that understands, inspires and supports your team 

  • Industry Insider: Bring your valuable insights from the food and retail realm, enriching our journey with your expertise.

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