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Join us for virtual boba milk tea making classes! 🧋
Perfect for corporate events, 
team building, groups & more. 

We'll send over The Boba Kit by MILK+T, and our bobarista will hop online to teach your crew how to create your own bubble tea drink from the comfort of your own kitchen. 

We take care of all the logistics so you can focus on just having fun!

In-person classes are available within Los Angeles, CA. For more information please email

Click below to check out the classes we have available and what each entail.


Our Pre-made boba class is perfect for all skill levels! Immerse yourself in a boba filled experience as our skilled MILK+T bobarista hosts expertly guide you through the art of cooking boba, brewing tea, and crafting an entire beverage. Along the way, we'll enhance your boba knowledge by deep diving into the history of boba and sharing boba & tea fun facts.


Minimum requirements: 

  • 20 kit order minimum or $500 minimum (excluding shipping)

Additional class information listed below:

  • Our pre-made boba class comes with our basic boba kit including all ingredients to put together a delicious boba drink. All we ask is that you provide your preferred milk or dairy alternative during the class. 

  • Class length: 60 minutes

Please submit a quote below for more details, and to claim your time slot! For any questions, please email


Laptop and Phone

Collect the Addresses

We'll whip up a secure Google Form for you to send out to your guests / co-workers, we'll then tally up all registrants and prepare for shipping.

The Boba Kit main

Send out Boba Kits

Each kit will be sent separately to the registered recipient. Kits can also be sent bundled to a single address.

We'll teach your team how to make boba milk tea!

Conduct Classes

Our team will hop on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc. and guide everyone step by step on how to make boba, tea, & more!

Ready to get #bobawasted?

Check out what our past bobarista students have enjoyed:

The Boba Class Google Reviews


  • How much do the boba classes cost? Do I have to pay for the class and the kits?
    Our boba classes are complimentary (free) upon reaching the kit or dollar minimum for the class. You are only paying for the kits, and the class is free upon reaching the minimum! Shipping and applicable tax are not included. Pre-made Boba Class: free class upon purchase of 20 kits or $500 minimum DIY Boba Class: free class upon purchase of 27 kits or $700 minimum If you have less than 20 people, you can still book a class as long as you hit our class minimum of $500 for our Pre-made Boba Class or $700 for our DIY Boba Class, the number of actual participants is up to you. Click here for more details on alternatives (The Boba Kit). We have 4 different types of kits with 2 boba styles and 3 tea selections to choose from, and the details can be found on our pricing list here. If only a portion of your class will be following along with our boba kits, that's fine too. Please feel free to invite as many people as you'd like- just give your bobarista a heads up!
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we do ship internationally! However, please keep in mind that international shipping costs more and takes longer to arrive. Additional custom tariff/duty/fees may be charged to the recipient once the package arrives at its overseas destination. (Please keep in mind this is not a charge by MILK+T.) If you choose to ship internationally, we ask that you provide us with the international addresses 30 days before the event, that way we can prioritize the international shipments and make sure the kits arrive in time for the class. We are not responsible for the delayed shipment of packages or import charges due to being held in customs.
  • How much is shipping? Can I get an estimate?
    Shipping costs vary due to destination and kit choice (some weigh more others). We ship from the West Coast in the US. Below are the estimates we tend to see most often: US West Coast: $8-$15 per kit US East Coast: $12-$22 per kit UK and Canada: $30+ per kit Other International: Please contact us for an estimate *International please note: Additional custom tariff/duty/fees/tax may be charged by the destination country to the recipient upon arrival. (Please keep in mind this is not an additional charge by MILK+T.) Shipping estimates listed here are estimates and not final, the invoice will have the actual total.
  • When's the soonest I can book a class?
    We have a 2-4 week lead for our classes. We need advance notice for classes to make sure we have enough time to prepare your kits (we put them together to order!) and for there to be enough time for the kits to arrive before the class date. For US domestic shipping/participants, we require a completed list of addresses 2 weeks prior to the event date. For International shipping/participants, we require a completed list of addresses 4 weeks prior to the event date. International shipping takes longer to process and we would like to prioritize these so that everyone can get #bobawasted together.
  • How do I book a class? What's the process like?
    In general, here's the process from booking a class up to the day of the event: Once you request a quote (on this page), we'll get you ready to book Book your class- we'll get some logistical info and a deposit will be due upon booking Sign virtual event contract Collect Addresses (MILK+T will send a form that participants can fill out, or you can choose to follow our shipping template exactly) Invoice paid in full + boba kits shipped Event- time to get #bobawasted
  • How do you collect addresses for my attendees?
    We have 3 methods for organizing addresses needed for shipping: MILK+T Address Collection Form The easiest method! We'll send you a Google Form that you simply need to share with your team MILK+T Shipping Template You'll make a copy of our Boba Class Address Collection Google Sheet and add in participant shipping addresses. Please do NOT make any changes or tweaks to columns, and make sure to fill out info correctly. This is the format required in order for us to ship boba kits in a timely manner Send all kits to one single address We also collect email addresses so that everyone can be updated with the tracking number for their shipment! All data is deleted within 30 days after event completion.
  • What if I only have a few people? Can I still do a class?
    That's completely fine! As long as you hit our class minimum of $500 for our Pre-made Boba Class OR $700 for our DIY Boba Class, the number of actual participants is up to you. Vice versa, you can also invite as many people to the class as you'd like. Your extended team/group is free to join us and observe even if they aren't brewing along with us- just let your bobarista know! If the class minimum cannot be reached, you can still get #bobawasted at home! It won't come with our complimentary class, but you'll have all the instructions you need in order to become an at home bobarista! Feel free to purchase our kits directly on our shop: The Boba Kit (Pre-made Boba) The Boba Kit (DIY Boba from Scratch) Both kit styles come with a step-by-step video tutorial teaching you how to make boba, brew tea, and sweeten your drink! You'll be able to follow along easily.
  • What’s the difference between the Pre-Made Boba Class and DIY Boba Class?
    During both classes one of our bobaristas walk you and your team through how to cook boba, brew tea, and make the syrups that act as the sweetener for both the boba and drink. We'll create a milk tea together and answer any questions along the way! Pre-Made Boba Class: Uses Pre-Made Boba that just needs to be boiled and sweetened + make milk tea Class Length:1 hour Minimum: 20 participants/kits OR hitting our $500 minimum DIY Boba Class: Learn to make individual boba balls completely from scratch using tapioca starch + make milk tea Class Length:1.5 hours Minimum: 27 participants/kits OR hitting our $700 minimum If you have any other questions, feel free to book a 30 minute call with us!
  • What's the class actually like? What do we do?
    Here's an example of how one of our Pre-Made Boba Classes would go: EVENT SCHEDULE (10:00 am - 11:00 am) Pre-Class Prep 9:30 am - Boil water 9:45 am - Once water is at a rolling boil, pour in your desired amount of boba (1 full bag = 4-5 servings) And set a timer for 30 minutes. Event Begins 10:00 am - Greetings (wait up to 5 min for people to join) 10:05 am - Introductions: Who we are, How we started MILK+T, how we started the boba kit, etc 10:10 am - Brief recap on the boba kit and what the kit includes 10:15 am - Timer for boiling boba goes off. Turn off heat and remove from the stove. Set another timer for 35 minutes. 10:20 am - 10:30 am - Step by step instructions on how to make tea and brown sugar syrup 10:30 am - 10:35 am - Q&A 10:35 am - 10:40 am - Strain and rinse boba 10:40 am - 10:45 am - Make the brown sugar bath for the boba and steep Event Wrap Up 10:45 am - 10:50 am - Step by step instructions on how to make the milk tea 10:50 am - 10:55 am - Put boba inside the drink 10:55 am - 11:00 am - Last minute Q&A while wrapping up 11:00 am - Event concludes
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