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“Boba” Has Different Names, But It All Means The Same - A Love Language

Boba, pearls, tapioca, bubble tea. If you're a boba lover like we are, you're most likely familiar with some - if not all of these terms. You may have even found yourself in a boba vs bubble tea debate among other boba lovers from different regions. Whether you refer to it as boba or bubble tea, there is no right or wrong. In the end, despite its different names and delicious taste, it's become something much more to people - a love language.

Whether you're spilling the tea while sipping on some boba or simply enjoying it in the presence of others, the act of sharing a boba drink can bring people closer together.

Growing up, boba was always used as a type of reward, treat, or apology drink for me (Christine, MILK+T Partner).

*Photo above taken by Zoe Abadi. Taken while mask mandate was still mandatory*

It was always the tasty treat to look forward to after a long day of running errands with the family. A reward for doing well in school, scoring the winning shot in a basketball game, or as a signifier of an unspoken apology materialized and presented in drink form along with the sorry eyes of the apologizer.

These squishy, decadent balls eventually grew to become an important aspect of my life without realizing it.

Like many Asian Americans growing up in the states, boba became an inherent part of social life.

Boba shops were the main hub to catch up with friends and loved ones.

If it wasn't catching up, it was spending hours at a tea house cramming for finals, getting work done, or going on first dates. Boba shops have become a central gathering spot for celebrations, meet ups, dates, and a safe haven for the common student or digital nomad to flock to.

*Photo taken outside the Beaverton store*

Aside from being the central gathering grounds for reconnecting, bubble tea is a love language on its own. These sweet juicy balls are known to almost always put a smile on someone's face. It's a delightful treat to share or even purchase as a quick pick me up when you or a loved one's day just isn't going right. It's the small act of sharing or treating some one to a boba drink that can unknowingly turn someone's day around and strengthen bonds.

Boba has the power to bring people together and strengthen relationships. So next time you're looking for a way to show your love and appreciation for someone, consider showing it with boba. Whether you're bonding with friends, expressing your love for your partner, or simply showing appreciation for someone special in your life, boba is a universal love language that can bring a little joy and sweetness to any moment.

*Photo taken at Las Vegas store by @rvinyah*

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