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Are you ready to play a vital role in the world of boba? MILK+T. is seeking a dynamic and dedicated Warehouse Associate to join our team. As a key member of our operations, you'll be at the heart of ensuring that the delicious boba products our customers love are ready to be shipped out across the nation.


  • Receive, inspect, and organize incoming shipments of boba ingredients and supplies.

  •  Maintain accurate inventory records and perform regular stock checks.

  •  Prepare orders for shipment, ensuring they are accurate and well-packaged.

  •  Collaborate with other team members to fulfill orders efficiently.

  •  Keep the warehouse clean, organized, and compliant with safety standards.

  • Assist in occasional tasks such as labeling, repackaging, and product assembly.

  •  A journey that started with a high school diploma or equivalent – your foundation of knowledge and dedication.

  • Paved your way with prior experience in the world of warehouses and logistics – a background that sets you up for success.

  • Possess a laser-sharp focus on detail, ensuring that every record is pristine and accurate – a trait that defines your excellence.

  • A powerhouse of strength, capable of lifting and maneuvering heavy boxes (up to 50 lbs) – your physical prowess in action.

  • Your organizational skills are nothing short of legendary, coupled with the ability to master time itself – a true maestro of efficiency.

  • Navigating the digital realm is second nature to you, wielding basic computer skills for seamless order processing and inventory management – you're the tech-savvy star we're looking for.

Here’s what we’re offering:

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