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The Story Behind "The Boba Kit" | Pivoting During The Pandemic

In 2020, the world went into lockdown. With so many restrictions regarding the health and safety of all citizens, we had to think outside of the box to continue to stay afloat - like most businesses had to.

Here's a funny story. When the concept was first pitched by Stacey (Co-Founder), Beyah (Co-Founder) thought that it was the most ridiculous idea ever. In her own words she said, "I don't know why anyone would want to do this. The entire process of making boba is SO time consuming. I don't think this is gonna work."

Stacey (Co-Founder) then responded, "well, unless you can think of a better idea we don't have much of a choice."

The kit was originally named "The Lockdown Kit" (fun fact). Within weeks of launching, its popularity in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Portland proved Beyah wrong. With everyone staying indoors, guess what people had plenty of? Time. And a lot of it.

As many of you could agree, COVID-19 was a pivotal point in not only our personal lives, but in MILK+T's journey as well.

Statewide shutdowns caused us to pivot our business model from in-person experiences, to virtual experiences. But because of this pandemic, we were able to create The Boba Kit - which we first sold exclusively in-stores delivered by our team members door-to-door.

*The photo on the right was taken prior to the Mask Mandate.*

With everyone at home, it didn't take too long for this concept to trend on the internet. Shortly after, we began shipping the kits nationwide and conducting Virtual Boba Classes as a means to reconnect with people and teach people about our passion for boba. Since then, The Boba Kit has gone through numerous transformations! From being packaged in our glass jars, to individual labels being put on our boxes, and finally to our branded boxes, our boba kit has gone through quite the face lift.

But throughout all the changes, our goal for The Boba kit has stayed the same-- to deliver the experience of a boba shop and our love for the culture straight to our customer's doorstep!

This is us delivering Boba Kits!

*Gif above and photo below taken prior to the Mask Mandate.*

Comedian Jo Koy stopping by MILK+T Las Vegas for "The Boba Kit" (previously called "The Lockdown Boba Kit")

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